Kate Hautakoski

Kate is an independent filmmaker based in Montréal, Canada. She graduated with distinction in 2023 from Concordia’s Communication Studies program and has been actively involved in the film industry ever since. In 2024, she worked on three short films Including an onging collaboration with Aren’t We All Productions. She is currently in pre-production for her fourth project.

Kate is a passionate storyteller whose work is deeply inspired by community, spirituality, and uplifting people with life experiences that don't conform to any particular path. She is especially drawn to creating offbeat dark comedies featuring unconventional women on journeys of self-discovery. 

Influenced by the visual styles of Petra Collins, Jane Campion, and the Montreal creative duo Vallée Duhamel, Kate continues to build her body of work with the ultimate dream of working as a creative producer and director.

In Plain Sight 
(Short Film)

A writer must overcome her writer’s block by facing her inner demons in order to reconnect with her childhood imagination.

Stage: Festival Run

Position: Script supervisor and post production assistant.

black car

Music Video black car for Montreal artist UN.
Position: Director

Video Work for the Thomas More Institute 

Promotional videos for the Thomas More Institute.

Position: Director

(Short film)

A recent immmigrate narrates her struggles to adjust to life In Canada.  

Position: Production Designer, AD

(Short film)

A dreamy ride through Montréal at dusk takes a sudden turn once the sun sets. 

Position: Director, Producer.